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soal letter multiple choice kelas12

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Text 1 for questions 1  to 3

Jl. Plamboyan No. 89 Jakarta
2nd  Pebruary 2009

Dear Indah
Indah, sorry I haven’t written to you for so long. We moved into a new apartment last month and we’ve been really busy getting settled.

It’s a nice apartment. It is bigger than our old one. It’s big so there are a lot of rooms to work in. It has a big living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Another thing I like is the kitchen.

The apartment is on a quiet street in a good neighborhood. There’s also a shopping centre just down the street with a supermarket, some quite good restaurants and some stores.
We really enjoy living here. Do come over and have a look next time you are in the town. I’ll wait.

1. What is the letter about?

a. Shelly’s room.
b. Indah and Shelly’s apartment
c. Shelly’s business
d. A shopping centre near Shelly’s apartment
e. Shelly’s new apartment

2. Why hasn’t Shelly written a letter to Indah for so long?

a. Because she was busy getting settled
d. Because she enjoyed living in an apartment
b. Because she was reluctant
e. Because she had to move into an apartment
c. Because she lived in an apartment

3. What is the purpose of the letter?

a. To tell a problem
b. To ask for advice
c. To ask for information
d. To give an opinion.
e. To give information 

Text 2 for questions 4 to 7
Jerowaru, 1st February 2014

Dear Ivan
How are you? Hope everything is okay with you. I’m all right here.
We are going to have the national examination, aren’t we? Are you well prepared for it? Well, to be honest, I just have some difficulties in preparing for it, especially in science. There are extra lessons in my school and I take them all. But, I feel that they don’t help. I’m still confused in solving mathematic problems. I’m just worried that I fail the national examination. Do you have any suggestion for me? I really appreciate your help.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Your buddy

4. What does the letter tell us about?
a. Asking for a friend to teach mathematic
b. Giving a solution to a friend
c. Preparing for the national examination
d. Having extra lesson at school
e. Asking for a friend’s suggestion to solve a problem

5. Why is Fahri worried that he may fail the national examination?
a. There are extra lessons at Fahri’s school
b. He appreciated Ivan’s help
c. He will have the national examination soon
d. His friends are all well prepared
e. He is confused in solving mathematic problem

6. “I’m still confused in solving mathematic problems.”
The underlined word means ……
a. Unable to think clearly
b. unable to perform well
c. unable to behave politely
d. Unable to speak fluently
e. unable to read quickly

7. I’m just worried that I fail the national examination.” The antonym of the underlined word is ……
a. escape
b. predict
c. success
e. underestimate

Text 3 for questions 8 to 10

Dave Smith
32 Alberta Way
Kingston, ON K7P 0L0

Dear Dave Smith,

On behalf of your brother John, and all of the people of Alberta, I would like to personally invite you to visit Alberta in 2005 to help mark the province's Centennial year.
A number of activities have been planned in the province throughout the y ear, and I know John would love to have you visit to help mark this important milestone in Alberta's history.
To help you plan your travel, details of some of the events can be found on our website at www.albertacentennial,ca, and additional information can be found at Travel Alberta's website at www.travelalbert,com. I am also enclosing a special gift for you, so when you do visit Alberta you can celebrate our Centennial be learning more about our past at one of Alberta's museums, historic sites or interpretive centres.
Please come join us as we celebrate our past and imagine our future.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Klein

8.   What is the letter mainly about?

A. Important website.
B. A travel plan to Alberta.
C. Activities during a celebration.
D. An invitation to attend a celebration.
E. A celebration of Alberto's Centennial year.

9.   Why does the sender mention the websites in his letter?

A. To see important events.
B. To browse interesting events
C. To keep up with the current news
D. To help the receiver enjoy the travel
E. To facilitate the receiver to plan his trip. 

10.   " Please come join us as we celebrate our past and imagine our future." (Paragraph 4) The sentence above means …

A. do together and play together.
B. combine together and celebrate it
C. join together and do something right
D. merge together and hope to raise the product
E. let's commemorate the centennial year together

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